Volunteer Testimonials

“I was privileged in a short space of time to be allowed to look into other peoples’ lives. My aim was to allow children to be a part of another educational experience, in the hope that it would register in their thoughts. Maybe in later life it would make them more rounded people.”

Phill – UK

“I have really enjoyed it. I loved day care and all the kids. The work was fulfilling and I do feel I have contributed”.

Aimee - UK

“My expectation was that I would be helping out in the classroom, It was a pleasant surprise to be able to take the class. My goals were around us as a family, experiencing something very different, which was achieved.”

Kathryn - UK

“It was such a fulfilling job being a teacher. My overall experience was amazing. I had many goals of personal development, professional development and to experience India.”

Anthony – Australia

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time. I will recommend it to others and it is an excellent way to explore India.”

Mary – USA

“Exciting, good, playful, amazing! It was really nice as I am feeling really happy.”

Jordan, Age 13, from London

"We found it very exciting and rewarding and I believe we gained as much as the children at this experience. It was very amazing that even with the little resources, we and they were still able to learn from them and the children were so enthusiastic with even the simplest task”

Annissa, Age 14 from London

"Definitely it was pretty simple task and it would have been easy to complete by anyone with no experience. Very very interesting and exciting.

Leah from London