Why does Channel Youth need volunteers?

Channel Youth works with communities that have traditionally had little exposure to the wider world or to the powerful effect of the media.  Our volunteer worksites are all located in communities that live below the poverty line, where learning opportunites are few and far between.  Through our work we are trying hard to teach local people new skills that will help them realise their own potential and reduce the chances of exploitation.  The contribution of international volunteers is essential to helping us realise our vision.

In Rajasthan for example, literacy levels are just 67% and primary school uptake is 52% for boys and 48% for girls.  When international volunteers join us in schools, it creates a great deal of interest amongst local people and subsequently we have found that the number of children regularly attending school has increased.  Over time we have seen that increased motivation to attend school has led to more children making the transition to middle school at the end of primary school bucking the high dropout trend that is widespread across the rest of Rajasthan.

Whether it is womens empowerment, health promotion, HIV and aids awareness, working in an orphanage, at a day nursery or with street kids, the changes that exposure to international volunteers brings are significant and motivating for local people.  Without the support of international volunteers our task would be impossible,  We thank all our volunteers for their significant contribution we truly believe that time is the greatest gift a person can give.