Why choose Channel Youth?

Volunteering with CY provides amazing cross cultural learning opportunities and the chance to immerse for a short time in a new and vibrant culture.  We employ a team of specialist staff, drawn from the region that work tirelessly to channel the enthusiam of those that join us, to work alongside local people on projects that are of genuine benefit.  CY volunteers experience first hand the daily challenges faced by local people and the strategies that people use to overcome these challenges.

At Channel Youth we give equal consideration to the needs of the community and of our volunteers.  Our solid experience has shown us that by supporting volunteers to be the best that they can be, the help that volunteers then give to local people is amplified into something really special.  Feedback has shown us that for many their stay with us was an intense life changing experience that shifted their perspective on the world, brought new friends, and taught new life lessons.

As a partner of Channel Youth you can be assured of a reliable, quality service with a high level of volunteer satisfaction.  For detailed information of our partner benefits please read our Partner Promise.  Please also read our CY Support section for further information on the support that our volunteers receive.