Indian Cookery Workshops

At Channel Youth our volunteers have the opportunity to opt for a week long cookery  course.  During the hour long sessions, volunteers learn, prepare and taste some of India's most characteristic dishes.

Volunteers in our north India project locations learn about traditional north indian cuisine which is characterised by thick, tasty gravies, chillies, saffron, milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, ghee (clarified butter)and nuts. North Indian meals are hearty and often include several dishes. North Indian people love sweets, and volunteers are taught a mixture of North Indias' most popular sweet and savory dishes.

Volunteers in our southern India project locations learn fiery recipies characteristic of southern India.  In south india meals are centered around rice or rice-based dishes. Rice is combined with Sambaar (a soup-like lentil dish tempered with whole spices and chillies) and rasam (a hot-sour soup like lentil dish), dry and curried vegetables and meat dishes and a host of coconut-based chutneys and poppadums (deep-fried crispy lentil pancakes).

Our aim is for volunteers to recreate their memories of homemade indian food and their experience of India by cooking our receipes for their friends and family at home.