Desert Family Stay

On this excursion volunteers experience life in the desert first hand.  The adventure begins with a journey by road to a small village nestling on the edge of the Thar Desert, here volunteers have the opportunity to sit back and watch the comings and goings of Rajasthani village life.  After a short rest the group will move further into the desert to stay with a family who permanently live in the desert with neither electricity nor running water. 

In the first evening volunteers are hosted with a cultural music and entertainment show that celebrates the work of local artists and are dined with a homemade meal of traditional cuisine prepared by the family before falling asleep peacefully in the open air under the bright twinkling stars of the desert sky.

The following morning volunteers wake early and are served with hot sweet chai (Indian tea) before travelling by camel to watch the early morning sunrise above the dunes of the Thar Desert.  After some time, volunteers return to camp to spend time with the family and learn more about their desert lifestyle, before departing shortly before lunch for the return journey.