Our Partner Promise

At Channel Youth we take our business relationships seriously and strive to provide you with the best assistance we can to help you to supply volunteers to our programs.  For all our partners we take care of the following:

Accommodation & Food

We only provide volunteer accommodation that is safe for volunteers.  We provide either shared single sex rooms in dedicated volunteer houses, where our own bilingual staff live on site 24 hours a day or alternatively family stays where volunteers can experience being part of an Indian family first hand.  In our volunteer houses volunteers are provided with international dialling facility, and computers with broadband to help them to stay in touch with their friends and family back at home.  All our accommodation is clean, basic and comfortable.  In our volunteer houses we have a dedicated chef from the local community who uses fresh produce to prepare three homemade meals a day of traditional Indian cuisine.  This enables us to ensure food hygiene and to tailor the food as necessary according to volunteer requirements.


At the start of our partnership we will provide you with as much detail as needed on all of our programs, this will help you to give the best information you can to your potential volunteers.  We believe in team work and endevour to keep you updated as regularly as required on both the changes to our programs and the progress of individual volunteers, we are easily reachable via telephone / skype and email.  In cases of emergency we have our own emergency management procedures or equally we are happy to follow those of individual partners.  On the day of arrival of every volunteer we take care of all local procedures such as registering with the necessary authorities, we continue to lead and feedback to you on other administrative procedures throughout the duration of a volunteers stay.

Local Transportation

We are very cautious about the safety of volunteers when travelling around locally to the projects.  Where possible we always provide our own dedicated transportation.  Our vehicles are regularly serviced under warrenty, the qualifications of our drivers are checked and the necessary permits are obtained.  On occasions when we use alternative transportation, we only use vehicles with appropriate government licences and approved drivers, our relationships with these providers are long standing and are chosen by us for their reliability and professionalism.

Orientation, Structure & Worksite options

We do not believe in wasting volunteers time,  our schedules are busy and offer volunteers a good range of activities.  On arrival all volunteers receive a comprehensive orientation that is tailored to the stay of the volunteer.  All volunteers are fully briefed on the communities they will work with, culture and customs, basic language, culture shock, religion, and food.  According to their worksite choice volunteers then receive detailed guidance and support on their day to day volunteer work as well as a visit to the worksite prior to the start of the placement.  For example our teaching volunteers receive detailed help and support in lesson planning throughout their stay.  This is our way of ensuring that volunteers are supported to give their best to the local people that attend our projects.

Depending on the type of volunteer we also tailor the delivery style of our orientation, i.e orientation for school children is very activity based, this enables us to ensure that our orientiation is engaging for every category of volunteer that joins us in India.  On arrival all volunteers receive a day to day schedule that lists their daily program throughout the duration of their stay.  We encourage volunteers to take part as fully as possible to make the most of their experience.

We offer all our partners the
facility to tailor itineraries to the target market, giving you the option to add or remove components or alter start dates according to the needs of your target volunteers.  This enables you to build unique cultural, special interest, educational or corporate packages for your clients.

Staff Team

We have a small and dedicated staff team that have been with us since the beginning, drawn from the local community they are bilingual in Hindi and English and highly experienced in encouraging volunteers to work as a team, meeting individual requirements and giving their best to ensure that volunteers have the experience of a lifetime.

Our team monitor satisfaction by encouraging genuine and honest feedback from volunteers on an informal basis, by receiving formal feedback through our regular Thursday Meeting for all volunteers and formally via our detailed evaluation form that volunteers are asked to complete at the end of the program.  As a team we routinely review volunteers feedback, implementing improvements to ensure continuous quality improvement.  We routinely feed volunteer comment summarys back to partners on a quarterly basis.

Sustainable Programs

Prior to taking on new volunteer placements we thoroughly research to ensure there is a genuine community need for volunteer help.  Our aim is to help local people realise their own potential through the learning of new skills, we work to create independance and actively avoid undertaking any work which we feel will lead to community dependance.  Once we start work we only leave a community when they genuinely do not need our help anymore.

Back in 2004 our first volunteers worked in a small village school with just one teacher in western Rajasthan, their task was to teach basic english and arithmatic to a first generation to attend school, it was an uphill struggle in a community that had never experienced formal education before.  In a matter of months, the presence of international volunteers had sparked the interest of local children and double the number of students began to attend regularly.  A bigger roll subsequently led to increased funding, more classrooms and the funds to employ local qualified teaching staff.  Today the school has gone from strength to strength, pupil numbers remain high, and the proportion of children continuing education beyond primary school is above average.   We aim for all our projects to have this kind of sustainability and potential to grow their own capacity for success.

As a Channel Youth Partner you can be confident that your volunteers are truly engaged in meaningful programs.