About Us

Channel Youth is a responsible tourism company that was founded in 2004 with the aim of building and promoting community capacity through the use of volunteering and responsible tourism in India.  By working to provide help to the most vulnerable our work benefits both wider society and individual volunteers who join us in India from around the world.  The name arose from our vision to 'channel' the learning of the most disadvantaged youth in India, by providing opportunities for them to learn and to reach their potential.

Initially we began our work in one small village area in Western Rajasthan, almost a decade later; our work has expanded to encompass five Rajasthani communities and two additional states.  Typically our volunteers work with children who are the first in their communities to have the opportunity to access formal learning.  Our work is as much about promoting school going habits and the benefits of learning as it is about teaching.  Over the years we have also expanded our volunteer worksite options, beyond teaching and we now offer a range of opportunities to assist both adults and children. When combined our interesting and meaningful work placement options and our comprehensive volunteer support package serve to give volunteers the cultural experience of a lifetime.