Volunteer Work

We have a varied selection of volunteer work available.  In addition to the projects listed below we are always looking for interesting volunteer placements that genuinely serve to strenghen local infrastructures.

We run Womens Empowerment Projects that teach local people new skills which they can use to earn a living to support their families.  Our volunteers work alongside hired local tradespeople to support the ladies in learning new skills.

We deliver HIV Awareness sessions which education local people by offering simple precautions to staying safe. 

We run volunteer led Sports Programs which encourage children to engage in new sports and compete in local tournaments.

We place volunteers with local community nurses to offer basic Medical Assistance, including health promotion, prenatal care and childhood vaccinations.

We place volunteers in local primary schools where they provide vital support by Teaching the English component of the Hindi curriculum and basic arithmatic.

We place volunteers in centres for Destitute Adults, where they assist in all aspects of residents care and wellbeing alongside local staff.

We place volunteers in local orphanages where they assist in caring for the children through playing, assisting caretaking staff and giving booster classes.

We run Construction and Renovation Challenges where volunteers work in teams, alongside local craftspeople to complete time limited challenges to improve rundown community buildings.

We run projects with Street Children who have not had the opportunity or encouragement to attend formal schooling, volunteers teach basic skills and work with local people to help them realise the benefits of education and to improve their prospects for the future.